The Biocomputing Unit (BCU) of the National Center for Biotechnology / Instruct Image Processing Center (I2PC) works in the area of Three-dimensional electron and X-ray microscopy, developping new algorithms and software tools to extract the maximum biological knowledge from data adquired from these advances microscopies.

We develop the well known XMIPP software suite together with other advanced tools as part of the European Estrategic Insfrastructure on Structural Biology, named “Instruct”.

Started in 1989 and headed by Dr. Jose Maria Carazo, the BCU areas of activity are:

Biocomputing Research

The research team works in new computational and experimental methodologies to help to solve key problems in biology. Our approach is focused on:

Biocomputing Service

Our service activities are structured around the recently established Instruct Image Processing Center(I2PC), developing new software infrastructures for advanced image and data processing in Electron and X-ray Microscopy.

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